Gen Z plays outside less than any other generation. GOCO wanted to change that. So we created Generation Wild, a brand that would convince kids to trade their phones and tablets for sticks and stinkbugs. It was launched with a bucket list of 100 things to do before you're 12. 
For the second year of the campaign, we created a tv spot reminding parents that even their youngest younguns need to be let outside every once in a while.
We created instagram content designed to inspire kids to "Discover what's out there" meaning to go outside learn about all of the weird animal facts. Which if you've ever met a kid, is one of their all-time favorite things.
These are real. We made gigantic eyeballs out of beach ball material and placed them in trees around schools and libraries.
We created a series of videos called Backyard Hacks to inspire parents with fresh ideas for how to play outside with their kids.
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