After releasing the Voodoo Ranger action figure on our online store, the Vootique, we had an idea. We could use the action figure itself to promote the brand in a fun way. Inspired by shows like Robot Chicken, our idea was to host a stop motion film contest with only one rule: it had to star the Voodoo Ranger action figure. Thus, Voodoo Ranger's Pint-Size Film Fest was born.
We launched the film contest by working with some of the biggest names in stop animation, including my personal heroes, the team behind Robot Chicken. 
We received more than 60 stop motion film entries into the first film fest. 
After the massive success of the first contest, we decided to bring it back for another round and introduce two live action categories, including one for short-vertical formats like TikTok. We more than doubled the entries the second year.

See the winning stop motion film, and my personal favorite, here:

Learn more about it and see the other winning films here:

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