We had recently released a Voodoo Ranger action figure in the Vootique (www.vootique.com) and wanted to help promote it and get people to actually take the little guy out of his packaging and play with it. As fans of stop motion, our idea was to host a film contest that only had one rule: it had to star the Voodoo Ranger action figure. And thus, Voodoo Ranger's Pint-Size Film Fest was born.

We launched the campaign by working with some of the biggest names in stop animation, including the people behind Robot Chicken, to create their own videos. We then cut them together to promote the film festival.
These are two of the original videos submitted by our partners to provide inspiration for entrants.
We received over 60 stop motion film entries into the film fest. Which we then narrowed down to 10 before completing a final round of judging to pick the winner.
See all of the entries at https://www.pintsizefilmfest.com/voodoo21/contest/details/36408
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